"As a musician from Liverpool I have known about John O'Connell for a very long time as he has been a stalwart and an ever present on the local music scene. Apart from being responsible for some stunning songs of his own he is also responsible for dragging me reluctantly to an appreciation of Bob Dylan. Quality musicianship and quality performances for over four decades"
Brian Nash (aka Nasher)

"A truly magnificent voice John....was an honour to hear you...."
George Borowski (aka Guitar George) ~ Electric 50 Manchester Academy 3

"He (John) has proved once again that his musical knowledge of songs and his interpretation of them are unique; his style of voice fitting even some of the more difficult songs superbly and it is with little wonder that he and his guests received a deserved accolade of applause at the end of the show."
Gig Review ~ Gladstone Theatre Port Sunlight. Ian D. Hall, LS Media

"You may not have heard them play, or even realised they were a band but somewhere, at some time, you’ve probably seen one of their posters or heard them mentioned. It’s a remarkable thing to have written your name so indelibly written into the tapestry of a city’s social scene."
Greg O'Keefe - Liverpool Echo

"What a Day I've Had' .....One of the great things about this song is the arranging trick of changing keys to shine a light on sections of the instrumental within the song."
Severne Brown - Indie International

"...everytime I see him, he never ceases to amaze me with his guitar dexterity, (both acoustic and classical), his singing, his song writing and his ability to cover well-known songs to perfection. I mean the 'Urban Troubadour', otherwise known as John O'Connell..... in my opinion - he is simply a 'star waiting to be found' by the folk scene..."
Folk North West

"I also admire the musician John O'Connell, from Groundpig. He's brilliant. He's been playing this city since I was a kid, has stayed true to his roots and is a really good Liverpool person."
Nicky Allt - Paddy Shennan, Liverpool Echo

"John is a fine writer who has a sense of form and story and art in his writing."
Janet Fisher, Indie International

"John O’Connell is a rare talent, even on the coldest of nights to hit the Merseyside area in years, he managed to pack out the Gladstone Theatre in Port Sunlight and perform to a crowd that was craving intelligent and thought provoking music."
Gig Review ~ Gladstone Theatre Port Sunlight. Ian D. Hall, LS Media

"Groundpig were the biggest band in Liverpool without a doubt, unless you're talking about Bunnymen and groups like that. They'd play the Bierkeller at a weekend and it was locked out..."
Peter Hooton (The Farm) - Casuals, Football, Fighting and Fushion. The Story of a Terrace Cult by Phil Thornton

"There’s a guy whose music I really love – John O’Connell, who was in Groundpig. He’s the most talented musician."
Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson - Paddy Shennan, Liverpool Echo

"Groundpig...They'd play to a teenage audience, boys and girls who would go bananas for their versions of "Solisbury Hill" ... and Cecilia... You were seeing people who were now wearing semi-flares and training shoes, and hats. Thats what was going on in the mid 80s, in Liverpool.
Paul Du Noyer - Liverpool wondrous place from Cavern to the Capital of Culture

"John is a very talented singer songwriter who travelled with me on tour. He captivated audiences with his excellent voice and guitar playing..."
Stephen Bishop

"Someone who can entertain and captivate across the generations is a precious and rare commodity and one that ought to be relished and enjoyed by all music lovers."
Christina Madden - WIRED Magazine

"Words I have used to describe John are 'jaw droppingly good', 'an astonishing talent', 'simply tremendous' ...the guitar break he performs near the end of Van Morrison's 'Moondance' is enchanting..."
John Owen - Folk North West

“In the crowd Peter Hooton from the Farm was watching with friends. He said: “it was a really good couple of days....John O'Connell was great and we enjoyed China Crisis too.” reflecting on the Main Stage performances at Mathew Street Festival 2011.
Peter Hooton – Jade Wright, Liverpool Echo

"I went to see Johnny O'Connell playing Simply Dylan at the Cavern Liverpool and it was absolutely stunning. Johnny is one of the most talented musicians I have come across and his Dylan set is effortlessly brilliant."
Peter Hooton, The Farm

"...Simply Dylan is considered to be the best band version of Bob Dylan."
Antxon Etxeberria, Zarautz, Diario Vasco

“The Palm House provided the perfect setting for John O’Connell, Liverpool’s own urban troubadour. The setting may be slightly unconventional, the backdrop not the usual fare but the sound John was able to able to get across to the assembled crowd was simply magnificent. Not that should come as any surprise, as the man who was part of the legendary Liverpool band Groundpig, has one of the finest voices in the city. John opened the night with That’s What I Want and from there anyone who hadn’t seen O’Connell before was entranced by the playing, the simple delicate beauty that he always manages to accomplish. Tunes such as I’m Just Like Him, It’s Tickin, the splendid Honey Pot and the beautiful Out On The Vine being placed throughout the set list, it’s no wonder that the music was so well appreciated that people danced as they had been struggling to keep in the emotions that the band were purveying. An excellent night of music showcasing John O’Connell at his very, very best.”
Palm House Review by Ian D. Hall L.S. Media

John O'Connell

formerly GROUNDPIG